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White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4

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White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4

White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4 supplier White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4 supplier White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4 supplier

Large Image :  White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4

Product Details:

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:SMQ
Model Number:C20H30O2

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:10Grams
Packaging Details:10g/foil bag ,20g/foil bag,50g/foil bag
Delivery Time:Within 3 work days
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:500kg per month
Detailed Product Description
Synonyms: BRN 5565683; CDB 904; Cheque; Cheque (Veterinary); Miboleron; Mibolerona; Mibolerona [INN-Spanish]; Miboleronum; Miboleronum [INN-Latin]; NSC 72260; U 10997; U-10,997; Assay: 99%
Reference Standard:: USP28 Colour: White
Appearance: Crystalline Powder Email:
Skype: April Chen
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White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4

Cheque Drop is the tradename for the anabolic steroid mibolerone. Originally used to suppress ovulation of female dogs in heat, Mibolerone is one of the most harsh steroids in existence. It is approximately 5.9 times as anabolic, and 2.5 times as androgenic as Testosterone.  Cheque drops provide a short adrenaline-like aggression rush in athletes when used immediately prior to a sporting event.  Due to its high androgenic properties, it is often the cause of progesterone related gynecomastia.

Product Name
CAS Number
Molecular formula
Molecular weight
Molecular structure White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4White crystalline powder Health Care Mibolerone Powder Cheque CAS 3704-9-4
Melting point 231~234℃
White crystalline powder

Product uses
For male gonad hypofunction and implied sperm sterility, hydrogen to methyl testosterone intermediate.
storage Shading, confined preservation.


Due to the short half-life of Mibolerone, it is most commonly used by athletes about 30-40

minutes before their sporting event. Cheque drops are placed under the athletes tongue, and

effects including aggression, strength and adrenaline rush are felt rapidly.  The drug leaves the

body with in approximately four hours.

As well as being one of the most androgenic compounds, mibolerone is also one of the most toxic.   The most common side effect is progesterone related gynecomastia because it is a 19 nor-androgen.    It can also severely affect liver function because it is a 17AA compound.  Use with other 17AA compounds can be extremely damaging to the liver.  If used in low doses (less than 2 weeks), there are very few, if any anabolic effects.  When used short term, natural testosterone will return to normal levels very quickly.  However, if use surpasses 2 weeks there is an extremely high risk for

liver damage and natural testosterone suppression because it is an LH blocker. Also, this compound does not convert into estrogen; therefore, progesterone production is increased.

Known side effects of the compound are increased aggression, disturbed sleep patterns or insomnia, high blood pressure and severe liver damage.  It is highly dangerous if used by females.  Some female side effects include severe acne, cessation of the menstrual cycle, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and vaginal secretion.  Effects of the drug will also be passed onto an unborn fetus.

Technical Data

Studies have been difficult to perform due to the known high toxicity levels of the drug, and lack of pragmatic use in humans.  One study in humans indicated potential altered liver function so the study was immediately ceased.

In rats, Mibolerone has been shown to be both highly anabolic and androgenic.   It was found to be 41 times more anabolic and 16 times more androgenic than methyltestosterone.  No estrogenic activity in mice was reported when when 1.0 mg per animal per day was administered.  It was also found to be anti-estrogenic in mice 10 mcg or less when subcutaneously tested against estradiol.  A dose of 1,600,000mcg/kg was fatal in 50% of the rats .

User Notes

This is really nasty stuff. Basically, it’s only good for increasing aggression just prior to an athletic event or before an intense training session. For most athletes, Methyltestosterone, Testosterone Suspension, or Halotestin is typically preferred for this purpose because Cheque Drops are rarely found on the black market.


Mibolerone is the chemical name of active ingredient in Cheque Drops. Cheque is a registered trademark of Pharmacia & UpJohn in the United States and/or other countries.



                                                                    CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS

Product Spec: 97%~103% Production Bath  Number: 140901
Production Date: 2014-09-01
Specification: Enterprise Standard Shelf life: 2016-08-31
Quantity: 100g Analysis Date: 2014-09-02

                                                             Result For Analysis


Business letter (2014)                                                                  Standard adopted:Enterprise Standard

Items of analysis Specification Results

Withe to yellowish-withe crystalline powder

Almost withe crystalline powder

Melting point 145~147℃ 142.5~147℃
Loss on drying ≤0.50% 0.31%
Optical rotation 65°~+70° +67.98°
Assay 97%~103%
Conclusion Conforms the Enterprise Standard

Analyser:WangQiuYue           Scrutator:FanWei             Directer:ZhangShiJun

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